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Our Army is to deter aggression, and should deterrence fail, to secure a swift and decisive victory. Our Army is to be ready and capable of conducting a spectrum of operations to defend the security interests and sovereignty of Singapore.


Our Army is the bedrock of our nation's defence. We draw our strength from our Regulars, NSFs and Operationally Ready NSmen. We thrive on the support of our Families, Employers and fellow Singaporeans.

Ready in peace, we are capable of a full spectrum of operations.

Decisive in war, we will fight and win to defend our country.

Respected by all, our Army is a trusted national institution. We forge the fighting spirit of our people to secure our future and protect our way of life.

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  • Loyalty to Country
  • Leadership
  • Discipline
  • Professionalism
  • Fighting Spirit
  • Ethics
  • Care for Soldiers
  • Safety


JobsCentral - Singapore Armed Forces
Junior Officer Ranks
As exemplary soldiers, Junior Officers command platoons or companies of men, leading their men into action while ensuring their welfare. Junior Officers graduate from OCS with the rank of 2nd Lieutenant (2LT), and are promoted to Lieutenant (LTA) after acquiring sufficient experience. They may later move on to higher appointments and assume the rank of Captain (CPT). The Junior Officers wear bars on their epaulettes.
Senior Officer Ranks
Senior Officers are crucial in the formulation and execution of missions, commanding decisions in both combat and peacetime, as well as overseeing the training of their charges. They begin their duties at the rank of Major (MAJ), and only the few who can distinguish themselves will attain the rank of Lieutenant Colonel (LTC). They may go even further and undertake greater challenges and responsibilities as a Colonel (COL). The Senior Officers wear the National Coat of Arms on their epaulettes.
General Level Ranks
The Generals hold the highest ranks in the Army, responsible for the planning of policies that affect the entire Army. The three levels of generalship are: Brigadier-General (BG), Major-General (MG) and Lieutenant-General (LG). The stars on their epaulettes reflect the enormous responsibilities on their shoulders.

JobsCentral - Singapore Armed Forces

Specialist Ranks
Expert soldiers who have undergone the Specialist Cadet Course (SCC) are known as Specialists. They progress from 3rd Sergeant (3SG) to 2nd Sergeant (2SG) to 1st Sergeant (1SG). If they prove themselves capable, they may even attain staff-level ranks, such as Staff Sergeant (SSG) or Master Sergeant (MSG).
Warrant Officer Ranks
Warrant Officers are Specialists who have distinguished themselves with their dedication and professionalism, with a wealth of experience from their many years of service. The Warrant Officer ranks, in ascending order of seniority, are: 3rd Warrant Officer (3WO), 2nd Warrant Officer (2WO), 1st Warrant Officer (1WO), Master Warrant Officer (MWO), Senior Warrant Officer (SWO), and Chief Warrant Officer (CWO).
JobsCentral - Singapore Armed Forces
MDES' rank structure has eight ranks from ME1 to ME8 and is an enhancement to existing officers' and warrant officers' career schemes. This is a contiguous rank structure, with continual advancements from ME1 to senior ME ranks for outstanding performers. Being the leadership and deep expertise nucleus of MDES, ME4 and above MEs will be appointed as Senior MEs. ME7 and ME8 will hold pinnacle appointments, commensurate with the attainment of deeper expertise and greater leadership responsibilities.