Naval Warfare System Expert - Electronics

Our Electronics Experts are responsible for ensuring that ships are combat-ready at all times- ready to be aided by our naval combat, communication and navigation technologies. Depending on your domain expertise, you will be trained to operate navigation, communication, underwater warfare, command and control, or weapon systems.

Academic Qualification

  • Relevant Diploma, Higher NITEC, NITEC or equivalent

Starting Salary

Military Expert 1 (ME1) Trainee
Diploma : $2,450
NITEC/Higher NITEC : $1,900 - $2,070

Military Expert 1 (ME1)
Diploma:  $3,320*
NITEC/Higher NITEC : $2,770* - $2,880*
*Includes ship board allowance of $350 and Military Domain Experts Scheme (MDES) Sea Assignment allowance of $320

Additional Allowances

  • Ship board: $350- $450
  • Submarine: $750- $850
  • MDES Sea Assignment: $320

Basic Requirements

  • Singapore citizen or Singapore PR intending to take up citizenship
  • Medically fit (PES A and PES B)
  • Normal colour perception