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  • Category : Electrical/Electronics, IT-Software/Development, IT-Management, Structural/Civil
  • Job Nature : Entry, Exp. (Perm)

Job Description Responsible for backend system development of blockchain viewer, wallet; Develop Web Backend Service and API; Improve structure and performance of existing API;  Required Qualifications: More than 2 years’ development experience of C++、Node.js or Golang, good programming sty...
  • Category : Building/Construction, Structural/Civil, Architecture, General Worker
  • Job Nature : Entry (Perm)

You will be responsible for regulating development and building works in the railway protection zone as well as railway corridor to safeguard the rapid transit systems, road structure safety zone and public streets.  You will review the design of both temporary and permanent works affecting the r...
  • Category : Government Sector/Civil Service, Structural/Civil, General Worker, Consumer Services
  • Job Nature : Exp. (Perm)

You will be part of a dynamic team of transport planners who plan the future transportation infrastructure for Singapore. You will be given the unique opportunity to shape the future transportation network of Singapore. This will include identifying, developing and evaluating of new road and rail in
  • Category : Structural/Civil, Maintenance, Technician, General Worker
  • Job Nature : Exp. (Perm)

You will be part of the team to spearhead the planning and design development of commuter and road infrastructure projects. You will conduct feasibility studies to conceptualise commuter/road infrastructure schemes, develop detailed design guidelines, prepare tender specifications and provide techni
  • Category : Electrical/Electronics, Mechanical, Automotive, Structural/Civil
  • Job Nature : Entry (Perm)

You will play a lead role in driving the overall process of ensuring that the design and development of multi-disciplinary interfaces among the different electrical and mechanical systems are compatible with the overall performance requirement. This process of managing the system interfaces and inte
  • Category : Quality Control/Assurance , Electrical/Electronics, Structural/Civil, Maintenance
  • Job Nature : Entry, Exp. (Perm)

You will provide signals, communications and control support to various current and future transit and traffic projects. You will also provide engineering management support, as well as review and implement the driverless train control system, communications system which includes wide and local area
  • Category : Mechanical, Electrical/Electronics, Structural/Civil, Government Sector/Civil Service
  • Job Nature : Entry (Perm)

You will play a lead role in managing power supply contractors in constructing transit projects. You will ensure the safety, quality, and progress of the contractors' works. You will also assist in planning and managing the cashflows of the various contracts as well as in issuing instructions and as
  • Category : Structural/Civil, Government Sector/Civil Service, Maintenance, Mechanical
  • Job Nature : Entry, Exp. (Perm)

You will play a key role in managing contractors for the construction of new MRT Lines and /or enhancement of existing Lines, specifically for Stations and Tunnel constructions in elevated or underground constructions. You will ensure the safety, quality, and progress of the contractors' works along
  • Category : Structural/Civil, Maintenance, Government Sector/Civil Service, Technician
  • Job Nature : Entry (Perm)

You will assist in planning and coordinating the administration, tender, management, delivery and control of maintenance works. You will also establish, implement and review workflow, regulations, guidelines as well as practices on related maintenance works. You will need to work with LTA officers,
EOC Survey 2018
  • Category : Mechanical, Quality Control/Assurance , Electrical/Electronics, Structural/Civil
  • Job Nature : Entry (Perm)

You will manage the RTS assets to ensure optimum performance and quality of the asset through comprehensive monitoring the condition, whole system life cycle management in making trade-off decisions to optimize the useful life versus life extension or timely renewal of assets.  You will be the LTA...
  • Category : Structural/Civil, Product Development/Management, General Worker, Government Sector/Civil Service
  • Job Nature : Entry (Perm)

You will provide design support and prepare road design, which include the preliminary engineering design of conceptualizing road alignment, developing detailed design and preparing drawings for the calling of tenders for road projects. You will also have to coordinate with internal and external par
  • Category : Structural/Civil, Technician, Consumer Services, Government Sector/Civil Service
  • Job Nature : Entry (Perm)

You will be part of the team in the design development of land transport infrastructure projects. You will assist engineers in providing technical support to consultancy studies, and in developing and managing geotechnical data systems. You will co-ordinate with consultants and contractors for meeti
  • Category : Building/Construction, Security, Structural/Civil, General Worker
  • Job Nature : Exp. (Perm)

Oversees and manages the organization’s operations centre to ensure timely detection and response to incidents. Responsibilities Manage and respond to facility and security alarms in Operations Centre.  Monitor and update planned/ ad-hoc activities to ensure smooth operations in premises. Man...
  • Category : Structural/Civil, Building/Construction, Mechanical, Electrical/Electronics
  • Job Nature : Entry, Exp. (Perm)

“You can’t get the job without the experience but you can’t get the experience without the job." Come join the AcePLP 26-months Apprenticeship Programme that has nurtured more than a thousand BIM Modelles/CAD Engineers in the AEC Industry. Train on-the-job, learn alongside industry experts, a...
  • Category : Architecture, Structural/Civil
  • Job Nature : Exp., Manager (Perm)

Requirements Degree in Architecture / Civil / Structural / Mechanical / Electrical Engineering Other considered qualifications: Manufacturing Engineering, Intelligent Building Technology, Graphic Arts, Product Design, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture, Environmental, Mechatronics, Aeronautic...
  • Category : Architecture, Structural/Civil
  • Job Nature : Exp. (Perm)

BIM/CAD Engineer (Mechanical / Electrical / Piping) Responsible for the CAD drafting and modelling of piping, HVAC / sanitation / plumbing system / electrical systems / power plant layouts Create and/or modify existing engineering design and models Coordinate and communicate with clients, consultan
  • Category : Building/Construction, Principal/Management, Structural/Civil
  • Job Nature : Exp., Snr. Mgr (Perm)

Job description Leads the Singapore SAP team and allocates resources effectively to provide user support and system support regionally (follow the sun support) Provides effective direction, guidance, motivation and support to the team members; Coaches, trains team members and facilitates cross worki
  • Category : Structural/Civil, Electrical/Electronics, IT-Management, IT-Administration
  • Job Nature : Entry, Exp. (Perm)

Responsibilities: Administer and support network infrastructure and configuration, maintenance of hardware and software, applications and IT infrastructure. Provide helpdesk support to all users. Manage email configurations and issue troubleshooting for Outlook. Perform routine system backup. Respo
  • Category : Architecture, Building/Construction, Quantity Surveyor, Structural/Civil
  • Job Nature : Exp., Manager (Perm, Contract)

                    Construction Manager / Project Engineer / QS Requirements: Degree / Diploma in Civil / Bulding Minimum 4 years of experience in Construction (with at least 2 years in the capacity of Project Manager) Ability to interact efficiently at all levels and liaise wi...
Survey 2018
  • Category : Architecture, Building/Construction, Structural/Civil, Electrical/Electronics
  • Job Nature : Entry, Exp. (Perm, Contract)

            Replacement for Site Engineer (HDB/Civil/A&A) Location: East/North / Everywhere   Responsibilities Adequate knowledge in site work planning and execution. (logistics, materials, and manpower) Assist in the planning and sequencing of the construction work to the master...
  • Category : Interior Design, Structural/Civil, Account Management, Customer Service
  • Job Nature : Exp. (Perm)

JOBSCOPE Manage and plan for company clients' corporate workspaces design and layout Present project proposals and clinch deals provided by company Provide excellent services & build a strong relationships with clients Basic Salary 4k-7k depending on your position either: 1. Interior Designer (Min.
  • Category : Property/Facility Management, Environmental/Clean Energy, Structural/Civil, Mechanical
  • Job Nature : Entry (Perm)

Responsibilities: Working in a team to manage daily estate works in the Town Council. Involve in inspection of horticultural works, upgrading building projects and building maintenance issues. Liaising with contractors and attending to improvement works and feedback from the residents.  In addition...
  • Category : Building/Construction, Structural/Civil, Quantity Surveyor, Architecture
  • Job Nature : Exp., Manager (Perm, Contract)

Design Engineer (Civil & Structural) Responsibilities Carry out structural design and produce professional engineering calculation complying to Eurocodes and prevailing building control regulations Attending technical meetings with authorities, developer, and contractors Prepare technical engineer
  • Category : Building/Construction, Quantity Surveyor, Structural/Civil, Mechanical
  • Job Nature : Exp., Manager (Perm, Contract)

Contracts Manager / Senior Contracts Officer (Good Pay) Possess a Bachelor Degree/Diploma in Building Science or Civil Engineering with 5 years of relevant working experience Experience in tendering work, cost control and Contract administration for civil/building engineering projects
  • Category : Structural/Civil
  • Job Nature : Entry (Perm)

Responsibilities Manages all costs relating to building and civil engineering projects from the initial calculations to the final figures Managing the contracts through tendering, procurement, negotiation and project delivery Minimise the costs of a project while still achieving the required sta...

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